Male Dog, Adult, Medium.

Adoption Fee: 225.00

Are you looking for an AWESOME water dog? Someone who will go to the lake with you or swim alongside you in the pool?! Look no further than Hank!

Hank still has it even though he is 2 years old. It was during his photo shoot at the park that Liz and her sister discovered that Hank is not your average heeler! He dives right into the water, all 4 paws in!

He sure knows how to survive the Texas heat!

Hank is super friendly as we don't think he has ever met a stranger! He is crate trained and likes most dogs. He is way too interested in small dogs and cats, so he is better off in a home with dogs greater than 30 lbs. He will definitely help you keep squirrels and critters away! After all, he is a herding breed so he is just doing his job.

He would do well in a home with active family members who also enjoy together time at home.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Liz at 214-616-6128 or if you really want to get ahead of the game and want to adopt him, fill out an application at www.shelter2rescue.org If you are interested in fostering a pet , please visit our website www.shelter2rescue.org to fill out an application

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